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 Xavier Harry au Studio de Meudon

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Xavier harry


Xavier HARRY, pianist and composer,  studied classical music, creole music and jazz music with piano teachers Antoine HERVE and Jean-Pascal MOGET. Over the years, he has developed an aesthetic of melody, demonstrating real pianistic qualities (loose phrasing, good rhythmic articulation, natural lyricism).


With his musical compositions, he puts the spotlight on classical music, jazz and creole music for a successful mix of genres, namely deep, singing and melodious music.


This talented pianist has released 3 albums which are recognized and appreciated by both critics and the public : "Miroir" (Harry Création - 2006), "Sensibilitè" (Harry Création - 2010) and "Essence of" (Harry Création - 2016).


Xavier HARRY is also a piano teacher. He shares, with simplicity and in a playful way, his passion for music.



Piano training



  • Since May 2010 : Student of the piano teacher Jean-Pascal Moget

  • Sept 2002 to June 2008 : Student of of the piano teacher Antoine Hervé

  • Jan. 2002 to Aug. 2002 : Student of the piano teacher Bruno Barbier

  • 1996 : Self-taught piano




  • 1999 : Business Diploma (Meaux - France)

  • 1997 : Economic and Social Baccalaureate (Fontenay s / s bois - France)



Xavier Harry à la Cave du 38 riv'
Xavier Harry au Sunset Sunside Jazz Club

© AlexandreToffoletti



  • Since Sept. 2005 : Piano Teacher 

  • July 2005 to Sept. 2017 : Manager of  "Harry Creation Inc."

  • July 2001 to Nov. 2004 : Coordinator of cultural association "TCAP"




  • February 2016 : "Essence of" (Harry Creation Inc.)

  • November 2010 : "Sensibilité" (Harry Creation Inc.)

  • March 2007 :  "Miroir" (Harry Creation Inc.)




  • Languages : English, japanese (written, read and spoken)

© UrielChantraine

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