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Telerama (december 2022)


Teleramar (december 2021)


France Guyana (October 21, 2019)


Xavier Harry dans le journal France Guyane

Show "Plein Soleil" (October 2019)


"Kawaï" program (March 2019)


Les Inrocks (April 2016)

"The project is contained in the title: to go to the essence. Alone at his piano, Xavier Harry slowly descends to the bottom of the visible and invisible worlds with as much assurance as humility. […] Here, philosophy does not weigh heavily. Not, it liberates, delights, takes blues turns, interweaves haunting ostinati, impressionistic harmonies and reaches us in our own emotional depths, engendering long shivers of mingled grief and gratitude. "

Louis-Julien Nicolaou



Jazz Magazine (April 2016)

"Time is the ultimate business for a jazz pianist. In his third album, which has just been released, Xavier Harry therefore faces this challenge. We can guess a major influence in Xavier Harry. The shadow of the great master of the piano solo, Keith Jarrett. One realizes it in this way of kneading a chord, of making it roar and bubbling, to make it rise until an emotional peak bordering on ecstasy. To embark the listeners and Getting them to share this trance, Xavier Harry has a weighty asset. He has a very powerful inner pulsation, served by an exceptional left hand. He is thus able to install grooves or basslines that start from his keyboard like a wave train and unstoppably strike the listener in the chest. "

Jean Francois Mondot


France ô (March 2016)


"Djaz Karayib" program (April 2014)


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