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Xavier Harry's TV report

Xavier Harry - Essence of

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Piano competition in New York

"Special Mention"

Xavier Harry au Canergie Hall

During the international piano competition organized by Piano House Inc in New York (September 14-16, 2019), Xavier Harry was awarded with the "Special Mention" in the Senior Category. The jury recognised the strength and  the quality of his compositions.


Essence of

3rd solo piano album  

Pochette album "Essence of" de Xavier Harry

"The project is contained in the title : to go to the essence. Alone at his piano, Xavier Harry slowly descends to the bottom of the visible and invisible worlds with as much assurance as humility. He plays  six compositions, each of which marks a milestone of this journey, the soul, the suffering, the tears, the spirit, the illusions and the hope. Here, philosophy does not weigh, it liberates, delights, takes blues turns, interweaves haunting ostinati, impressionists harmonies and reaches us in our own emotional depths, generating long shivers of pain and gratitude mingled. "

Louis-Julien Nicolaou (Magazine Les Inrocks - 04/09/16)

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